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777-Triple Seven- Phase 2: Hi, I’m date Mike. Nice to meet me.

777-Triple Seven- Phase 2: Hi, I’m date Mike. Nice to meet me.

Hello all!

I’m CanaryBlue, a newbie cleaner here at Stiletto Heels! I was given an opportunity to write for all you lovely people and so I thought I would talk about how I ended up here to create some sense of intimacy in this post. Feeling it yet?

I came across this gem of a scanlation group around the time chapter 6 of And by Okazaki Mari was released. I remember I was just scrolling through titles—beginning to feel a little bored with manga, but still determined to find a series to read—when I came across ‘&’. The title piqued my interest so I clicked in…and what I found seriously blew me away. An addicting plot, a heroine you can’t help but to root for, stunning artwork, and the amazing presentation by Stiletto Heels really tied everything together into one super-awesome enjoyable experience. Yes, I really stopped to admire how perfectly executed each chapter was!

Triple Release Mania!!

Although I usually have too much to say, due to the lack of food while wrapping up QC, the only thing I’ve got the energy to say right now is that I love my team. We’ve had a few additions recently: Staub and littlekasino. (Two very entertaining people.) and byte, whom I’ve yet to know more about. Plus we’ve got a few more projects coming along the way in March, so we hope you give us a visit again next month.

I feared we wouldn’t make it this month, but thanks to our wonderful Heels’ staff, we’ve pulled through with a triple release.