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777-Triple Seven- Phase 3: Party juseyo!

777-Triple Seven- Phase 3: Party juseyo!

Hello, I’m Hatsumi, better known as Hats/Hatsu/Mimi and Stiletto Heels’ machismo Admin slash Head Translator. In reality, I’m just an oddball who went to sleep with headphones and a pair of dusty New Balance sneakers on. If it wasn’t for that darn water bug that went stealth ninja mode in my bedroom!

Water bugs occasionally sneak into our house during the summer. One was crawling its way toward my bed. My ears still twitch from remembering the sound of it rustling over the loose mail that was scattered on the carpet. *rubs ears* When I turned on the lamp, it disappeared. When I turned it off, it creeped back. By the fourth time, to my horror, it was gone without a trace. I glanced at my alarm clock – 4 AM! My eyes were like washed up sandbags. I was drooping over the side of the bed from exhaustion. So as a precaution I shimmied my feet into my sneakers and put my headphones on to cover my ears and went to sleep. I figured it couldn’t burrow its way into my ears if I didn’t wake up, but if I did, I’d at least have my shoes on to stomp the hell out of it.

Yep, that’s me. And I’m supposed to be in charge of this team? Hah. More like everyone ELSE here is helping making me look like I’m doing a decent job. Thanks, Team.

So Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

So Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

In between my aunt (dad’s sister) trying to set me up on a Skype date with the swamp creature from Chiang Mai (yes, she’s still at it),

Crazy Aunt: You make friend with him online na? He’ll like you. All the boy eats is sushi, sushi, sushi.
Mimi finds this slightly offensive.

my mother attempting to fob me off to a Zainichi jigolo at her friend’s house-party,

Love at first whiff?



I’ve been cleaning my room for the past two months now, to no avail. Things keep piling up without me noticing them. I wonder if this is a reflection of my personality: cluttered and un-ambitious. But still, there is always time for a little romance and a small release. Sunflowers can make any girl’s day. Pick one up here.