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It’s Our Party And We’ll River Dance If We Want To!

It’s Our Party And We’ll River Dance If We Want To!

Dear Friends, Lurkers, and Stalkers alike (especially you Stalkers), July 31st is the night where we Heelians gather together as pustules of excitement to commemorate five years of “sloth-paced” industriousness. With releases, yes, but more importantly, with many thanks to you, the readers, and especially the wonderful staff here at Stiletto Heels.

Can you believe that five years ago, on July 24th, we nearly gave up the idea of keeping up the group? /waits for the collective screaming to subside.

We did a bit of tug-of-war with another group over Oboreru Knife, but lost our bearings under the galvanizing pressure of their kind admin’s glowing halo. However, little did we know that this ill-timed scrapping of a shoujo project proved to be a blessing in disguise, as Stiletto and I next turned our rapacious, roving eyes toward the treasure trove of untapped Josei. /wipes drool

Stiletto: Gee, Mimi, what do you want to do tonight?
Mimi: The same thing we do every night, Stiletto – try to take over the world!
Stiletto picks up a tanko and pretends to smash it over Mimi’s head. Unfortunately it was George Asakura’s Oboreru Knife, a sober reminder of their failure to secure a decent project.
Mimi (fingering the dust jacket): What about her other project – Heart o Uchinomese?
Curtain opens and the angels start to sing, bathing Mimi in a swatch of soft light.

Well, it wasn’t exaaaactly like that, but a week later, on July 31, 2009, we were bringing bra-snapping Josei goodness to the world in the form of Negishi: Our very first release (Does it count that she’s only in middle school?)

Every year – and I really mean it – every year that I try to do something special for the anniversary, something bad happens. Like the year I decided to secretly trim the money tree into the shape of two hands “raising the roof,” or the year I had to break up the releases into two days because we couldn’t finish everything in time, or last year, when the release was a day late! This year proved no different.

I ordered a heel-shaped cookie cutter (lame idea), so that I could bake chocolate-filled pastries for the staff. The cookie cutter never came. (Curse you, Ebay!) Determined not to lose out, I ended up using heart-shaped cookie cutters over a bit of leftover pastry dough. I had enough to make one – uno, ichi, ein – heart-shaped pastry. mygifttoyou(Oh mah gah, so lame!) But after it was finished baking and left to cool, my nephew nabbed it off the counter and ate it while I was busy abusing my eyes over a thank you card for the Balancing Toy staff.

It would have been delicious, I kid you not. I can’t bake for crap, but it would have been! /so unconvincing.

So my lovely girls and guys at Heels – lurkers, readers, stalkers, and staffers, alike – never mind that the anni gift was a big failure (lame!), that I’m too frikkin’ tired to make a decent anni card (lame!), and that I forgot the date until very last minute (lame!).

The releases are just a click away. Go get ’em.

Okaeri, Chiruhi; Ben Tornato, Gad (among other things)

Okaeri, Chiruhi; Ben Tornato, Gad (among other things)

I’m sure I had things to say, but the heat has zapped all the words out of me. Though I’m sure none of our readers are afraid of a little heat. (^_-)☆ How is the weather where you’re at?

Ane no Kekkon Volume 2, Ch.7: Download | Read Online

Chiruhi Story 1v2: Download | Read Online
Chiruhi Story 2: Download | Read Online

Gad Sfortunato Ch.4: Download | Read Online

Sekine’s Love Volume 4, Ch.19: Download | Read Online

Please don’t forget to come visit us every Friday this month for weekly releases of Chiruhi and other projects!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and squat in front of the oscillating fan over there, and watch my bangs flutter wildly like angry butterflies.

“Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.”

“Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.”

It was a lukewarm, sluggish Tuesday afternoon. The kind where chins rest heavy on elbows, and eyes gaze dreamily out the expanding window toward puffy, white clouds that resemble rabbits one moment and deer the next. Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby drifted lazily from the stereo speakers on my writing desk. A rustle of a whey yellow caught the corner of my eye. I turned and found my best friend leaning over me, one arm gripping the back of my chair, while the other held onto her sun hat, which rested quietly against her leg. Her head was bent slightly in amused concentration.

“What are you listening to?” she said.

“A song,” I said.

“What song is that?” she said.

“Coney Island Baby, I said.

“Never heard of it,” she said.

“Not many people do,” I said.

“But remember the princess who lived on the hill
Who loved you even though she knew you was wrong
And right now she just might come shining through
and the –

– Glory of love, glory of love
glory of love, just might come through”

I expected her interest to immediately shrivel and for her to leave, but she didn’t. I hesitated, thinking she would yank me up by the arm and twirl me away like Lien and Hai in The Vertical Ray of the Sun, but she didn’t. We just quietly bend our ears. I yawned and rested my chin in hand once again, ready to stir up visions in the clouds. Clouds that looked like rabbits one day, deer another.

In the windowpane, as if dissolved into the animal-mold clouds, was her tender, white reflection.

The song ended, the phone rang somewhere, she dissolved into the living room, and I remembered that it was time to queue in the releases. You’d be lucky to know where the title of this post comes from. Remember: It’s the original author’s first name. Do not forget. Google it. It will come in handy in time for reading.

I wouldn’t have known of this beautiful story if not for Rahxephon and my love of all things mecha when I was a teenager. Thank you, otaku boyfriend, thank you. Today made me remember the fragility of time and of this compassionate love story.

It’s already fall, but it still feels like summer.

& (and) v2, ch.8: Okay, I have to say, this is totally NSFW. But finally, an adult romance portrayed with all the clumsiness, awkwardness, and vulnerability without being gratuitous or just plain stupid smut (where limbs are bent in all sorts of weird positions)! Still, it sure gave me and Lilanar a WTH?!@#$*%! moment, and I’m sure you won’t escape punishment either.

Ane no Kekkon v1, ch.5: I felt my heart squeeze over the exchange Maki and Yori had in the library. Quite a stark contrast from the first chapter, where one had to suspend a little belief at the circumstances momentarily. I think this is going to get even uglier. It’s that broiling, anxious feeling you get from watching a trapeze artist fly off the pedestal board toward a swinging trapeze bar.
***NOTE: A slight hiccup during Quality Control. This chapter is actually missing a page. Unintentionally, of course. We’ll re-post this chapter with all the pages intact shortly.

Torch Song Ecology v1, ch.2: Only the second chapter, and I feel already that the Ikuemi Ryo trademark has lived up to its reputation once again. Of course, the general atmosphere is dark and seething, reminiscent of Kiyoku Yawaku’s later chapters but a very, very different tone from her recent shoujo, Principal. I’m not sure how she’s able to gravitate between these two series without being a little bipolar.

In Celebration of Our 4-Year Anniversary: The Legend of “Steamy Heels”

In Celebration of Our 4-Year Anniversary: The Legend of “Steamy Heels”

July 31, 2013 marked four years of scanlation for the team. ┗(`ー´)┓ ┏(`ー´)┛ Let’s hope we’ll be able to keep going for another four! In celebration of our anniversary, I’d like to present a fairy tale for you. One that brings wonder, excitement, havoc and mayhem, and of course, many releases too!

[strums lute]

Once upon a time in a faraway land called the Kingdom of Steamy Heels, there was a lonely queen named Stiletto, who had an insatiable love for Josei. In order to feed her desires, she locked up a group of editors, proofreaders and translators in an extremely high tower with doors made of fire, and placed creatures called Josei-a-fans to guard the doors. These Josei-a-fans were infamous for traveling together like a swarm of locusts. Faceless and shapeless, they took the form of a cloud of dust, and whenever a work of art was created, they would swarm up and snatch it away for Queen Stiletto’s vault, leaving only a trail of Critique bugs in their place.

The editors who were trapped in this tower were forced to dream up art, and the proofreaders and translators writing, but the amalgamation of individuality created havoc within the tower, and it become a warzone of mismatched pieces and disconnected thoughts. With nothing but Critique bugs to feed their hunger, the editors, proofreadres, and translators became increasingly depressed.

The longtime editors were beginning to feel their limitations: katamari began karaoking to Beyonce (“Bey”) videos in her head; amatsu’sendless smiles and Go-and-get-’em attitude was beginning to lose its fizz; Kelpie and pirato4ka, who both felt largely ignored, began slowly disappearing; Flapper Girl’s mind was occupied with ’30s starlets, Gatsby, and hair jewelry;Lilanar of Dustbowlia, unable to control her daydreaming, would crowd the room with her wild imaginations, which belly-danced their way to life, disrupting everyone’s concentration; and Mine-of-Lauva, remained huddled up in her corner of the tower, suffering from tea withdrawal, muttering the words, “J’ai besoin de thé. J’ai besoin de thé. J’ai besoin de thé.” (But alas! Nobody could understand her, for she was from the Kingdom of Lauva.) The other editors, shuyiin, stellar, Gypsie, Jenn, Ivy, Gazechic, Betakoi, and SwirlyOwl could only look on in despair.

The translators and proofreaders suffered no less: Mimi, bubblesinmysuitcase, otaku_mel, octopus, Mo, niflheim, Miwachan, badtzphoto, kiraxjinwood and cheesecrayon spent the better part of their days fending off the attacks of the evil, script-eating creatures called Mangiwi and Kiwango, who were able to penetrate the towers through their distortion of shadows.

After several years trapped in the tower, these prisoners lamented their fate, but resigned themselves to it and continued to dream up their art and scribble away at their writing, while the Josei-a-fans continued cloud-dust-snatching their work to store in the vault, and leaving behind Critique bugs in their feeding bowl.

But as the days and months and years wore on, the Josei-a-fan guards began to notice the editors, proofreaders and translators. A few of them even fell in love. These ones began to gather up secretly and band together to train to free the imprisoned occupants of the tower. When the day for another Giant Raid finally came, the changed Josei-a-fans separated themselves from their usual swarm of yellow dust of Critique-bug-planting Josei-afans and raced to block their newfound enemies’ ways.

“What are you doing? Get out of our way!” their former partners shouted.

“Over our dead bodies!” the changed Josei-a-fans replied.

In the fierce melee that ensued the changed Josei-a-fans overpowered their enemies and turned out as victors, thus able to free the imprisoned editors, proofreaders, and translators, and destroy Queen Stiletto’s vault, removing all of the stories from within, so that every citizen of Steamy Heels would be able to experience in these exquisite delights:

Delight# 01: 3 AM Dangerous Zone v2, ch.9
Delight# 02: Ane no Kekkon v1, ch.4
Delight# 03: Kiyoku Yawaku v2, Act 3a
Delight# 04: Nigeru Otoko ch.5 — FINAL CHAPTER!!!
Delight# 05: Nobody Cry Story, ch.1 *new*
Delight# 06: Principal v3, ch.9
Delight# 07: Principal v3, ch.10
Delight# 08: Principal v3, ch.11
Delight# 09: Sekine’s Love v3, ch.14
Delight# 10: Torch Song Ecology v1, ch.1 *new*


P.S. An innocent typo from our new typesetter, Gypsie, gave birth to this story. So Gypsie, thank you for sending in an application wanting to join “Stiletto Steam.” And though you are probably clutching at your head going, “No, why’d you tell?!(;*´Д`)ノ”, we’d just like to say that we really did appreciate it. ^(#`∀´)_Ψ

P.P.S. There were many more chapters planned, which did not fall through because of my deteriorating health. (I was down with a fever yesterday and could not finish checking over everything.) I’d just like to say that I appreciate all you loyal readers. We are working hard on more chapters from seemingly dead projects such as Futago, Heartbroken Chocolatier, Tokyo Alice, and Toribako House, along with new projects as well. We hope you will be patient and will continue popping up to check on us from time to time.



And then…

1) Not eat and/or eat very little and/or plow through your emergency earthquake kit instead of going out for dinner like you’re so used to, which is okay because then the Korean couple that owns the restaurant down the street will think you are on a date.

2) Massive epi binge on Monarch of the Glen, desperately trying to figure out which episode Jason O’ Mara shows up in in all his shirtless-ey, manly glory, and then due to sudden language osmosis (or dark magic) unintentionally answer family members in a Scottish accent and repeatedly dream of all your ex-boyfriends parading in front of you in kilts and lucky rabbit foot accessories.

3) Argue with said family members about how you are “totally not being jealous” of your younger brother’s ex just because you said that she “dresses slutty” and “can go after [your ex-boyfriend] all she wants, the stupid cow!”

4) Recall that your powers of persuasion suck.

5) Proceed to call your younger brother’s best friend to sulk, but instantly forget how sucky and miserable you felt a moment ago because his sweet voice filtering through your cellphone’s cancerous electromagnetic waves forces you to lose all concentration and mobility in your legs.

6) Get invited by said younger brother’s best friend to go to watch Man of Steel and sit beside him in the dark theatre, mobility of legs still in jeopardy, trying to figure out whether or not this would be considered a date, only to have his ex-girlfriend show up and witness the look of absolutely gloom descend upon him.

7) Put on your jogging clothes out of depression the next morning to go running only to realize that you look absolutely bulimic and should be lifting weights or something.

8) Decide to sleep in instead.

7) Marathon through your entire Indian movie collection and note that all of them star Aishwarya Rai (Devdas, Hum Dil de Chuke Sanaam, Raavana (Tamil), Guzaarish, Raincoat, Chokher Bali).

8) Get creeped out.

9) Do a little translation work on the side and get distracted by your cats, who like to jump on the table and sit on your keyboard.

10) And while you are wrapped up in your busy sucession of nothings, your staff at Stiletto Heels is hard at work, quietly crafting these releases to utterly brilliantly perfection:

& (and) v2, ch.6: After Yagai shoots her down, Kaoru contemplates her newfound feelings for him. Feelings that, for her, breath vibrancy of emotion to her otherwise quiet and unassuming life.

Ane no Kekkon v1, ch.3: Maki redefines obsession and stalkerdom to a whole new level, though I can sort of sympathize with him this time around.

Balancing Toy v1, ch.Extra: Kyahhh! Towa is so adorable!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous v3, ch.14: Shimao, still occupying Hazuki’s body, pulls a mean one on Rokka and takes off with her most precious possession.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous v3, ch.15: With Hazuki still at large, Rokka decides to take matters into her own hands: She changes into her… mountain-hiking gear???

Nigeru Otoko ch.4: A bottle of wine can impart some words of wisdom.

Otoko no Issho v1, ch.4: I don’t know why some people say they don’t like Tsugumi. So what if she doesn’t look her 2D age? So what if she’s cooking and cleaning for a man? Just because she does all these “feminine” things doesn’t mean we’re forced to take a step back in women’s rights. Back to where men clubbed women and dragged them by the hair into their caves. She’s a totally macho woman with totally understandable female attributes. Plus she can definitely work a screwdriver better than her male counterparts. What is there not to like?

Oh, and how could I ever forget! We have a few staff members making their debut with these releases today. Please say hello to our editor Ivy, proofreader Octopus, and translator bubblesinmysuitcase.

Me Tarzan, You Jane

Me Tarzan, You Jane

Just two weeks after my break-up, my younger brother’s best friend shamelessly asked me out to see Skyfall. (I say “shamelessly” but I know by the parched throat and lurching heartbeat that I must have been anticipating this all along. Probably as far back as our camping trip in August when he sneaked across the entire campsite in super-duper stealth mode to launch a water grenade at my feet.)

My younger brother’s best friend is a half-white/half-Mexican hybrid with dark hair, a goofy smile and viciously mesmerizing green eyes. All the younger girls gaze dreamily at him, as if he is the corporeal incarnation of Adonis in the flesh. They trip over themselves just to suck in the same filthy air as him. Don’t they know? This guy wears the lamest t-shirts, worships Batman, and pees in the bushes at the crickets.

When one of these nymph-like creatures sauntered up to him one night to tell him how beautiful she thought his eyes were, he struggled to reply to that. The girl had reduced him to a gushing, blubbering doofus.

Afterward, when he sidled over to talk to me, I pretended to shield my eyes.

“Don’t look at me!” I shouted.

Nervous laughter. “What?”

“Don’t look at me with those beautiful, green eyes!”

This caused a look of chagrin and an eye roll from him. I doubled over with laughter, crying, “Joke! Joke!”

“Lame,” he’d said, storming away.

After each such episode, where I played tormentor to his tormentee, I would coax him with a bowl of popcorn or a slice of pizza or half a Snickers bar as a token offering of repentance, which he would snatch up with a scowl that drove me dizzy with glee.

He was barely twenty-three at the time, and I had already turned twenty-seven three months before. I was talking to my brother when he approached us, elbowing my brother in the ribs. My brother punched him in the chest. They wrestled a bit, while I sighed in dismay.

“I know you can’t keep your hands off each other,” I said, “but don’t leave a cute girl hanging.”

After they retired from their bromancing ritual, he turned to me with a grin and said, “Taken 2?”

I blinked in surprise and glanced quickly at my younger brother, who was busy admiring the lint on his left shoulder.

“What?” I said.

“Double Oh?” he said.

I grimaced.

His face fell and he walked away then, attaching himself to the elbow of the resident slutty chick in hooker heels. He did not talk to me for the rest of the night. Later that night, after much pacing, hair-tugging and hyper-ventilating in front of the bedroom mirror in my underwear, I mustered up the courage to text him.

Mimi: Were u serious?

Five minutes later, he texted back.

Younger Brother’s Best Friend: Yeah.

We back and forth’ed until midnight, but none of it was going through my head. The only words that would come to mind were: Oh, crap, oh, crap, oh crap.

Just the other day he sent me a link to this video:

“What are you trying to tell me?” I cried.

“Ay oh Ay oh Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-OH,” he said.

I shouted, “I don’t understand a word of your Thai!”

He shouted back,”That part’s pretty universal!”

A million hugs goes to any guy who’s sweet enough to fan the flames of my fangirly desires, even if I know that deep-down inside he thinks it’s pretty lame.

Anyway, lots of goodies this time. Thanks so much to our new staff – Mangiwi, Kiwango, Gazechic, samisweet, stellar, Aria, and hoi – for helping us get these out! Also much love to the older staff members – Lilanar, Stiletto, vanille, arcticbeetle, otaku_mel, Kelpie, Kumomi, and Miwa – as well. Don’t tell me you thought I forgot you? 🙁

& (and) Volume 1, CH.5.5: I always suspected Shiro was doing the creeper on Kaoru, but I never knew this was the reason why! Pretty adorable. (For a creeper.)

Ane no Kekkon Volume 1, CH.2: This chapter has taught me that you can definitely outrun a 40-year-old man in heels, but be prepared for something far, far worse.

Balancing Toy Volume 1, CH.5: I’m really glad that Haru is spending more time with Bonta and Towa and getting some freedom from Papa Seiji. Just the other day, they were sleeping in the same room, on the same futon, counting sheep. At fifteen?! I think I stopped conversing with my dad at that age. (Okay, now maybe I’m the dysfunctional one.)

Futago Volume 4, CH.18: Yukari has totally won my respect this time around. If it was me, I’d be bawling my eyes out then and there. Or at least aim a swift kick at the guy’s nuts, if only for consolation.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Volume 3, Ch.12: Rokka confesses her feelings…for her dead husband?!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Volume 3, Ch.13: Still inhabiting Hazuki’s body, Shimao’s ghost decides to take Rokka on a vacation date.

Otoko no Issho Volume 1, Ch.3: Tsugumi really needs to get herself a metal door, or at least an underwear and bra set made of interlocking electric wires.

Teketeke Rendezvous Volume 1, Ch.4: Everything epic about George Asakura is showcased in this chapter. She had my sides ripping from laughter. Also, (I know I’ll sound like a perverted old lady but) props has to be given for gifting me with the sexiest 2D Megane Danshi in a heck long while. Hu hu hu.