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Procrastination & Release

Procrastination & Release

Normal people usually do their spring cleaning in the spring when the weather is more pleasant. The Ito household, however, has a touch of the Goldilocks Syndrome. This year, we planned on doing it early, but Weather, itself, whimsical and impervious to our pleas for stability, kept cartwheeling around us. Either it was “too hot” or “too cold”, and we were left to assure ourselves that we would get around to it – like, really, seriously buckle ourselves down for it – once it was “just right.” We were content with saying, “Well, we like waiting for things!” And then several months later summer came and swept us up into a fiery furnace of heat, making it impossible to budge even a centimeter without breaking a sweat.

And the consequences? Why, merely being boxed in on all sides by the crystallized form of our book-hoarding mentality, with not an inch of free space! Therefore, no other choice proffered up except the one: Get off our lazy butts and start moving!

Summer is a coming~ Hu hu hu ♪|´∀`)ノ

Summer is a coming~ Hu hu hu ♪|´∀`)ノ

I spent summers as a child, sitting cross-legged on our cramped balcony in Apartment B, chewing on watermelon and spitting the seeds over the railing onto unsuspecting neighbors. My older sister would be draped over the side of our shared bed like a dainty, Victorian princess, while my younger brother would have his fleshy cheeks pressed into the metal railing, concentrating with deadly focus on the trajectory of seeds. That, I believed, was the way to squander a perfect summer vacation: Sitting Indian-style on the balcony, shooting watermelon seeds like missiles out of my mouth.

One time, this seedy missile landed – PLOP! – on the back of our apartment manager’s neck. He stopped, pressed the back of his hand to his nape, and swiping forward, realized what it was that had flown at him at lightning speed. I flattened myself on the balcony, but my dumb, baby brother still had his chubby cheeks kissing the railing and was giggling like a maniac!

So I spent my summers getting a rap on the knuckles with chopsticks as well. Ah, those were the days!

Speaking of summer, we’ll be celebrating our 7th year anniversary in July. Team Heels is working especially hard to make this year one that you will find hard to forget. That means some of your favorites will probably make more than just a short cameo. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Currently in the works is the complete Volume 2 of Tsukikage Baby and the last chapters of Futago and Sekine’s Love. As well as a new historical project by Natsume Ono called “Futagashira”, thanks to Minelauva’s prodding. Among other things~

See you then!
Mimi & Stiletto Heels Team

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Yep, me and my Heels Crew, we back in the game! (‘∀`)ゝ”

For the past several months, we’ve been on a wicked dry spell. I mean, REALLY wicked. Yeah, we threw out some onesies and twosies here and there, but tonight? Tonight, we gonna make you bounce!
ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬ ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

But before we release, let me just take a moment to post an open letter to staff from our reader Julia.

Hey guys, I’m just writing to tell you something you probably already know: you’re awesome.
I’m following you for “Principal”, and always find it amazing how neat your work is.
What I love the most is that insted of just translating, you make an actual adaptation to your language. It’s so perfect it feels like the original language of the manga was English.
It’s freaking fascinating! You are the only scans group who does that.
And the editing and typesetting are flawless.
You all do an incredible job, and for free!
Thank you so much for what you do, every single chapter is worth the wait.
Please never abandon your fans! 😀

On behalf of the Heels Crew, as well as our head staff members – Francophone Rebel Minelauva and Desert Junkie Lilanar – let me just say that we have no intentions whatsoever of calling it quits. The team’s still got plenty of steam left, and even pulled two new editors on board the other week, Jyuu Viole Grace and Natsu. Of course, the words pinned above could also be said about any of our projects. These people work so hard, it makes me tear up just looking at these releases. There’s just one eensy-weensy thing left I have to say to you Julia. Please don’t call yourself our “fan.” You’ll make us blush! |_-。)

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Mimi’s Memories & Release

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Mimi’s Memories & Release

Just moments ago I tried to reheat my coffee in a kitchen cabinet. I swayed sleepily into the kitchen, yanked open a kitchen cupboard, deposited my mug between the jar of pink Himalayan salt and packages of potato starch and panko, and then I waited. Moments later, I realized it was the kitchen cabinet and NOT the microwave, and that I had nestled my cup of coffee in between dried goods. Moments after that, the blood rushed to my ears.

Had anyone seen me? No, it was quiet, except for the resonant hum of the refrigerator. Phew.

A Different Kind of March Madness

A Different Kind of March Madness

After my car failed smog, I’ve been commuting to work on my Citizen Tokyo. Twelve gloriously haphazard miles, round trip, through the urban jungle. Hear that neon orange doohicky squeaking down the sidewalk at 6:30 in the morning? Yep, that would be me. Debris pelting my face? No problem. Rain? Hah! Cat-calls from men I pass by? Don’t even hear ’em. Canines turned on by the sight of my spinning, sparkly wheels? (Snorts.) Nearly being mowed down by wild motorists and distracted moms pulling out of driveways? You make me laugh!

When it rains, it pours

Since this is my first post, in lieu of an introduction, let me share one of my tribulations with you. A few weeks ago, towards the end of August, I had the chance to go on a trip in Canada. Let me tell you, backpacking in British Columbia is an amazing experience. Definitely on the “list of things to do before you die”. That being said, it’s probably more enjoyable when said backpack is something more than a small carry-on luggage, as was the case for me. When I landed in Vancouver, I had the pleasure to find out that my suitcase “had been delayed”, as the airline put it. Since they handed me $100 and told me it would be delivered on the following day at my hotel, I thought it was not so bad. However, the day came, then the night, and there was still no suitcase. And while Vancouver is an amazing city, in which I would love living for a while, there is a lot more to see in BC, which is why I decided to go on with the tour I had planned.

So that’s how I ended up travelling around Vancouver Island for almost ten days with next to nothing with me. On the bright side of things, I got to visit the local laundromats, which I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t needed clean clothes so badly. Waiting under the inquisite glances the local women threw at me was a wonderfully weird experience I’m not likely to forget anytime soon. All in all, I had a great time and I like travelling light anyway, but as I wrote to Hats, I probably never felt more accurately how little we need to survive.

Now, on to the releases:

Ane no Kekkon ch.9 – I will only say one thing: I don’t think Yori’s tactic will work.

Torch Song ch.3 – New chapter of Torch Song Ecology!

And to finish, an important announcement:

We opened our new forum a few weeks ago. Thanks to Lilanar and Hats’ hard work, it looks pretty good so feel free to come discuss our projects and get to know us better.