Here we come rock you like a hurricane! (Part One)

Yo, yo! What’s up, Heels’ readers? We hope July has found you well (if not fried/dehydrated/drenched in stinky sweat, that is). We know you’re here because you’ve been waiting patiently (and mentally squee’ing with delight) for the past 15 days since our announcement that the Heels’ 3rd year anniversary was coming up, and we’d like to you know that we were waiting patiently (and mentally squee’ing) as well. If this is your first time hearing about it, then thank god you’ve finally decided to crawl out from under that rock!

Thank you readers for your patience, support, Cantonese swearing lessons, Fridge Tyrant dissing, manga spazzing, group hugs, & more. We thought it hilarious that to this day, some readers still search us using the term “johnny bravo, stiletto heels”. *high fives* But most importantly, we have to thank the staff at Heels, past and present alike. You guys have truly rocked our socks off. You have refused over and over again to bend and break to the crack of our whip pressures of our every whim. In fact, you are constantly taking us aback with your cries for “More work! More!” Sometimes we may feel like we’re trapped inside an S & M cage with a horde of leery masochists. But just as a passing reader observed in our cbox, “All you guys talk about is manga”. So we’re fully aware that you’re all just being passionate about your hobbies. 😉 We hope there will be many, many more years to come. This year – for sure! – we will try to be less disorganized and more “Spartaaaaa!” and will not give up on our quest to recruit more male victims to our cause. *pumps fist in the air*

As our title suggests, this is only Part One. We do have more releases intended for the Anniversary Week. Busy work schedules, angry boyfriends, vacations, and school may have temporarily shoved themselves in our paths but we will storm back later this week and wrap up what we originally intended to put out. As for now, we hope there’s a little something for everyone here today.

Anyway, so as to not keep you waiting too long, we’re going to chime SNSD:

Come On Friends, that’s right this way, Oh la ta ta

1. Balancing Toy Volume 1, Ch.2 – Haru reminisces about the past and contemplates the meaning of friendship, while Seiji’s best friend Kawabata is determined to remove him from bachelorhood by hatching up a plot to reunite him with their hot upperclassman from college.

2. Gad Sfortunato (Joint w/ Lapin Peluche) Ch.2 – We are forced to watch the wreckage of Gad’s life as he pays his rent, Les Miserables-style.

3-4. Nigeru Otoko Ch.2 + 3 – The mysteries of the forest beckon as a politician weighs in on the heavy consequences of facing public scrutiny over a scandal.

5. Otoko no Issho Volume 1, Ch.2 – Tsugumi and Jun are engaged?! A pair of men’s trunks causes an uproar in the village causing Tsugumi’s aunt to pay a visit in order to pry some answers out of her.

6. Principal Volume 2, Ch.6 – I have applaud Shima’s big heart. This girl has got my adoration. In this chapter, she confronts the friends who ditched her the way I wish I would have done when I was in high school. (I shoved my own “Haruka” into the pool during P.E.)

7. Sekine’s Love Volume 3, Ch.11 – After reuniting with his 20-minute-fellatio buddy from high school at the party in Ch.10, Sekine is up for one more surprise visit when he charges to the hospital for Sara.

8. Teketeke Rendezvous Volume 1, Ch.2 – Tayoko is in for big trouble! Shishio, like the hunky Apollo that he is, makes her brain cells go fuzzy. However, the gentle vet reveals a darker side to him that has her running in the opposite direction???
***We are desperately looking for cleaner for this project. If you think you have what it takes, or know of anyone who does, please contact us right away!

As always you can read everything at our Online Reader:

If you’re loving these stories as much as we are, make sure to holler back Oh la ta ta~. We will <3 you times a million over!

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