“You are what you eat.”

And what we consume, devour, dine, feast, gobble up, nibble, sup, and masticate on are literary art in comic book form, direct from the warped minds of geniuses primarily of the gentler sex.

Though we are partial to grand titles, such as Stalwart Aficionados and Grand Members of the Higher Echelons in the Studies of Literary Josei, deep down we know we’re just a bunch of manga geeks who like to look at pretty pictures.

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Lovely Strange Dark – Scanlates obscure works, mainly josei, shoujo, and seinen, which are lovely, strange, or dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does your team name (Stiletto Heels) come from?
A: We love a good pair of comfortable sneakers, but there’s no denying the appeal of high heels. Because they “inspire simultaneous fantasies of vulnerability (who can run in them?) and of the heel as weapon.” And, well, cause we think the name suits us very well.

Q: What projects do you work on here?
A: We like good stories, and they just happen to be mainly Josei. Not our fault.

Q: Are you accepting any suggestions for new projects to translate?
A: No, but if you’d like help on translating a chapter or two from Japanese to English, please email Hats at hatsoomeme@gmail.com.

Q: Where can I go to download your releases?
A: All of our downloads can be found on the Projects page.

Other notable facts: Everything you see here is free for your viewing pleasure. We ask that you purchase the manga you read when it becomes available in a language you’re able to read, and even if it’s in a language you can’t read, and please cease distribution after it becomes licensed! The creators retain all copyright, and they deserve all the dough (yep, even the cookie dough), ’cause Cookie Monster says so.
For all other queries, please see his assistant: (.Or just pop us a comment, and we’ll get back to you shortly.)

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