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Chotto darui… (A Little Tired…)

Chotto darui… (A Little Tired…)

When I heard that El Niño with its destructive rain was coming, and a smattering of rain leaking from the sky the week following showed significant promise, I bought a pair of rain boots from Nordstrom. Four days later they arrived at my office, and after I finished unwrapping the soft layer of translucent white tissue that encased them with the efficiency of a master sushi chef filleting a Spanish mackerel, I threw my arms up in the air and shouted, “Yahoo!” Rain boots! For rain!

I had almost forgotten what rain was until the eager meteorologists on NPR dutifully came on the air to remind forgetful cat ladies such as me. Can you imagine what I could do with this pair of rain boots? I told myself.

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Mimi’s Memories & Release

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Mimi’s Memories & Release

Just moments ago I tried to reheat my coffee in a kitchen cabinet. I swayed sleepily into the kitchen, yanked open a kitchen cupboard, deposited my mug between the jar of pink Himalayan salt and packages of potato starch and panko, and then I waited. Moments later, I realized it was the kitchen cabinet and NOT the microwave, and that I had nestled my cup of coffee in between dried goods. Moments after that, the blood rushed to my ears.

Had anyone seen me? No, it was quiet, except for the resonant hum of the refrigerator. Phew.

We’ll Be Back (Engrish styru.)

We’ll Be Back (Engrish styru.)

Honestly, I have had to go up against meddling aunts, incessantly chirpy relatives raiding my fridge and eating through my why-do-they-make-them-so-freaking-tiny tub of coffee-flavored Häagen-Dazs, and sleepless nights prowling the neighborhood after work with the only reachable person by phone, my ex-boyfriend, for my missing cat. The only “silver lining” this week being the incredibly adorable pair of miniature kokeshi the boss-man planted on my desk from his trip to Sendai for relief work.

kokeshiAren’t they simply adorable? > /// <

It almost makes me forget how this very same man came up for a smoke on the rooftop years ago when I was still kind of new and was stunned by the ungodly sight of me squatting in a corner with my mouth ajar…



So, forgive me, Heels’ Staff & Readers, but I am going to spend my Friday night in a tattered jersey, plonked on my Zaisu chair, knees wrapped up under an electric blanket, eating a mini-tub of coffee-flavored Häagen-Dazs, which cost me $1.50, and read me a book. I am going to wait patiently for my cat to return home because something tells me he will. And I will see you all in a few days when I have these beautiful projects ready to be released. At this current state of time, they are definitely not presentable.

What are you doing this Friday night?




Spring Cleaning 2014

Spring Cleaning 2014

Ahoy! No releases this time around, but there will be one shortly. If you’ve been following our Twitter, then you may already know what some of those projects are. This is simply an update post on stuff that hasn’t been released in ages. Anything not on this list you’ll be seeing soon.

And forgive me: I wish I had something clever to say, but I smeared my eyeliner from yawning so hard and look like a freaking clown, and now I have to focus all my energy into realigning my face before another client walks in to do a double take. I’ve already embarrassed myself once today at a Lee’s Sandwich shop, trudging in for a cup of coffee with mismatched heels. This middle-aged Vietnamese man was ogling my feet for so long that if it wasn’t for me noticing him trying hard to suppress his amusement, which in turn caused me to look down at my feet and see the mismatched heels, I would have wrongly suspected him of nurturing a foot fetish. (╯3╰)

So forgive me, but C + P’s away!

Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo

The joint group backed out on this project after we had already put out a chapter. While I would have liked to have been denied before we started so that I could have focused my energy elsewhere, these things happen. So, yes, while there has been quite a delay, we will have a chapter out shortly thanks to cheesecrayons and Minelauva!

Gad Sfortunato

Chapter 4 is coming shortly, but the fate of Chapter 5-7 is up in the air at this point. Where are my cleans Lapin Peluche?! (Though they will just shout right back: Where are our scripts?!)

Kiyoku Yawaku

Remember the story about the girl who’s afraid of getting molested on the train? How about the four friends who get entangled in a love rectangle, but tragedy occurs before anything gets solved? What about the girl who looks like anpan? Or the boy who uses, “Wanna see my dog?” as an excuse to lure the anpan into bed? No? Well, no wonder. It’s been 232 days (and counting) since our last release! So aren’t you glad to know that we’ve got all of Volume 2 cleaned, and it’s being typesetted right now?
Any volunteers to clean Volume 3, please contact me!

Mani Mani

We’re working on the last chapter. It will be done! Maybe sooner than later. Keep your fingers crossed!

Nina My Love

Oh, man, if we had to name one project that presented us with the most problems, this would be the one. Trying to get this project edited is akin to raising a teenage son who’s going through freaking puberty and you need to freaking convince him to take out the freaking trash and do his freaking homework. That’s how frustrating it is. I swear I wasn’t smoking anything, but Chapter 9 was supposed to have been cleaned, but wasn’t, and then the supposed cleaned chapter went to a typesetter, who probably went, wtf?, scratched her head, shrugged her shoulders, and was like, “If you say so…”

So lo and behold, months later, it lands itself in Stiletto’s QC box, which she opens, and whose contents send her reeling back in her chair. So then I did the dirtiest thing possible: Chucked it into SwirlyOwl’s gigantic stack of other crap she already has to do, so that she could kill time at an airport terminal prepping the raws. m(_ _)m

Tokyo Alice

I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to sacrifice sleep just to get this out. It’s an interesting manga, just not interesting enough to tempt me out of slumber. The apologies are more for the people who worked on it: That means you, Ellis and kpossible. At the rate that I’m typesetting, you may see a chapter in April. If not, then early May at the latest.

Toribako House

We haven’t dropped it yet! I had a bit of a mental hiccup trying to figure out what projects should be focused on first, and this one kept getting swept under the rug. Bizkit finished up the typesets for Chapter 4, and Flapper Girl is doing the SFX’es. I’m working on the scripts for the rest of Volume 1. If you know where to find Volume 2 public raws, please let me know! I seriously lost it when my portable HD crashed.

Want to Help?

Then check out our Recruitment page!  Experience isn’t required, but preferred!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Project Update)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Project Update)

Well, folks, now that our anniversary is out of the way, it’s that time again! Ah, I can already hear the collective groaning.

The Good: We are winding down on a few lengthy projects such as 3 am Dangerous Zone, Balancing Toy, Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Futago. Ane no Kekkon and Otoko no Issho will have more consistent releases. We will be releasing a new chapter from Heartbroken Chocolatier and Tokyo Alice soon, as well as Love Master X, Nikotama, and Omi-sensei no Binetsu. For those who have asked about Kawachi Haruka’s Chiruhi, we will be releasing this project in its entirety in the near future.

The Bad: There may not be anymore releases of Heartbroken Chocolatier after Volume 1 for quite a while unless we can get someone to stick around and help, at least with the redraws for Volume 2. Balancing Toy also needs a dedicated cleaner or it will be seeing slower releases.

The Ugly: We’re short on staff. I mean, really, really short. Like desperate enough to hatch a plot to infiltrate other groups and bribe their editors (but not dirty enough to go through with it.) Below is a list of projects that are in need of help. (I know, that’s a heckuva lot, eh?)

NEEDS: A raws prepper

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner

NEEDS: A cleaner

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner for Volume 5 (last volume!)

NEEDS: A few cleaners

NEEDS: A cleaner and typesetter

NEEDS: A few cleaners

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner


NEEDS: A Redrawer

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner and typesetter

Please help if you are able!

A Desperate Mimi

P.S. If you’re wondering, “Why this film?” The answer is simple. 1) I needed to get my message across in a mildy entertaining fashion and 2) Growing up with a Thai father who dreamed of coming to America to become a cowboy, I was subjected to this film a total of 44 times.