• Current Staff: Hats
  • Last Updated: 2nd, June 2014
  • Author: Ikuemi Ryo
  • Published by: Feel Young
  • Formats: DDL, Online Reader
  • Status: Incomplete

Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo

A fortuneteller once told her, “Marry the second man you fall in love with.” Medical clerk Miyoshi did just that. However, upon leaving a drinking party, she bumps into her first love, Arishima. Feelings reignite between the two, yet Arishima is married and Miyoshi already has an amicable husband…


Volume 1:

Ch.01 | Ch.02 | Ch.03 | Ch.04

Volume 2:

Ch.05: Translating. | Ch.06: Translating. | Ch.07: Translating. | Ch.08: Translating. | Ch.09: Translating.

Sample Pages: