Next release date is our 9 year anniversary on July 31, 2018…

by Minelauva

Good morning to you

Good morning to you

When Hats asked me to write this release post, I panicked a little. English is not my first language and I have been feeling down lately, which doesn’t help with inspiration. I have gotten better over the years but a part of me still believes that I don’t deserve to be successful and happy. Dealing with these feelings has been harder than usual these last few months, which is why I have been inactive for some time. It is part of the reason why you didn’t get a release earlier. Everything is not bleak though. Summer has finally arrived, after an unusually long winter. These are the months that I love the most. At this time of year, the flowers of the linden tree next to my house get golden when the sun sets. It never fails to lift my mood. Today, fittingly, I bring you some of my favorite projects. I hope you will enjoy these chapters as much as I did.

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You’re next


Last weekend, my younger brother got married. He invited friends and family over to celebrate. The wedding was decided only a month ago so we had to organize it in a rush. My mother, who can’t handle stress, almost went mad with worry but our efforts paid off. It was beautiful. However, I have to admit that I could do without all the hints that I should be the next to be getting married. Our family is catholic so we were raised with the idea that everyone should aspire to marriage and children, preferably in that order and before the age of thirty. That’s why, ever since I passed the age of twenty-five, the allusions have become frequent. My father usually goes for relative subtlety but my mother, more straightforward, prefers implying very directly that the life I lead is worthless because I haven’t made the same choices as her. My sister-in-law has inadvertently made things worse. I love her. She’s a cheerful and straightforward person and I miss her when she’s not there. However, she keeps teasing me by repeating “You’re next!” with a laugh and I don’t think she realizes it doesn’t amuse me at all.

Speaking of the wedding, one of the highlights of the night was

When it rains, it pours

Since this is my first post, in lieu of an introduction, let me share one of my tribulations with you. A few weeks ago, towards the end of August, I had the chance to go on a trip in Canada. Let me tell you, backpacking in British Columbia is an amazing experience. Definitely on the “list of things to do before you die”. That being said, it’s probably more enjoyable when said backpack is something more than a small carry-on luggage, as was the case for me. When I landed in Vancouver, I had the pleasure to find out that my suitcase “had been delayed”, as the airline put it. Since they handed me $100 and told me it would be delivered on the following day at my hotel, I thought it was not so bad. However, the day came, then the night, and there was still no suitcase. And while Vancouver is an amazing city, in which I would love living for a while, there is a lot more to see in BC, which is why I decided to go on with the tour I had planned.

So that’s how I ended up travelling around Vancouver Island for almost ten days with next to nothing with me. On the bright side of things, I got to visit the local laundromats, which I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t needed clean clothes so badly. Waiting under the inquisite glances the local women threw at me was a wonderfully weird experience I’m not likely to forget anytime soon. All in all, I had a great time and I like travelling light anyway, but as I wrote to Hats, I probably never felt more accurately how little we need to survive.

Now, on to the releases:

Ane no Kekkon ch.9 – I will only say one thing: I don’t think Yori’s tactic will work.

Torch Song ch.3 – New chapter of Torch Song Ecology!

And to finish, an important announcement:

We opened our new forum a few weeks ago. Thanks to Lilanar and Hats’ hard work, it looks pretty good so feel free to come discuss our projects and get to know us better.